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Regardless of the project you have in mind it is important to understand how to prepare your tiles before installation and how to maintain them thereafter.



Before Installation

Timber is a natural material responding to weather changes; therefore, Sakkho wooden tiles must be acclimated to the surrounding environment before installation. For detailed information go to the Acclimate Timbers page of this website or click here.




Sakkho tiles are very versatile in their use with specific installation requirements for each type of application. Once the tiles are ready to be installed, please visit our Installation section or click here.




Sakkho tiles offer various options for maintenance; tiles can simply be left out in the elements to weather, be painted, covered with a nice finish or protective coating. Some timbers such as teakwood change color and turn to gray when left natural out in the elements; this process is known as the "Graying of Teak".

For more information about maintaining your tiles visit our Tile Maintenance page or click here.

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