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What best defines Sakkho® than our mission and our vision - the Sakkho® concept, the idea to offer a tile as a “versatile tile” for interior and exterior projects is unique as Sakkho® tiles are also presented in various models and visual patterns.



”It ends with your imagination„

This tagline is a reflection of the purpose intended for Sakkho® wooden tiles: to be versatile and provide the user a way to express his, her own imagination with endless possible applications.



Our Mission

The mission of Sakkho is to supply products our customers can use in various ways. We want people with integrity, reliable suppliers, and source high quality, durable material. We want to set standards and to add value to residential and commercial spaces.



Our Vision

Sakkho's vision is to be the leading supplier of Sakkho® tiles which are versatile in their application. Our Sakkho® concept supports this vision by offering products with the view to cater to the needs of various industries with endless possible designs, building, and decorative usages.



Our Logo

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