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Decking and Flooring

Sakkho® tiles can be fitted over a decking sub-floor also called sub frame or deck base. All tiles installed on joists for walking or seating use must have the centre, edges and all corners adequately supported. Each tile must be supported on minimum 3 joists or more.


1. Decking Frame on Joists




1. Decking Frame on Joists

Using Sakkho® tiles to build a decking is similar to building a standard, traditional decking with the main difference being a narrower spacing or span between joists.

The success of your decking project using Sakkho tiles depends almost entirely on the way you design and build your deck subframe or decking base which should include accurate measurements to ensure the middle of each tile is always properly supported.

Pressure treated softwood joists are the standard timber used for a decking subframe and any tiles modified or cut may require reinforcing to keep the integrity and structural strength of the tile. 


We always recommend the installation of a decking to be completed by a professional installer familiar with local regulations.

A solid and lasting decking using Sakkho tiles depends on many aspects which must be followed and executed properly; this include:


 Decking Step-by-step  Read More
1. Select a reinforced tile base for walking use Read: Three Rules
2. Acclimate your tiles before installation Read: Owners
3. Properly install and space battens or joists Read: Batten and Joists
4. Learn how tiles can be laid and spaced Read: Lay and Space Tiles
5. Select the most suitable fasteners Read: Screws and Nails
6. Always reinforced tiles after modifications Read: Modifications




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