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Installation Disclaimer

Sakkho only describes installation principles - what does that mean?
In simple words, installation principles mean that because every project and installation are different, Sakkho will only provide you with general advice and known ways to help you understand how Sakkho products can be safely installed. 

Installation of specific projects is the owner responsibility as each project should be assessed and completed by a qualified installer.


1. Disclaimer Specifics





1. Disclaimer Specifics

a. Sakkho does not provide installation service or related advice.

b. Sakkho can give you advice about product models however it is the buyer responsible for selecting and requesting the correct tile base. 

c. Sakkho does not give advice related to models appearance, patterns, themes and style suitability, look or design which should be discussed with your qualified Interior Designer.

d. The color of Sakkho wooden tiles and timber products shown on Sakkho website may vary with your computer or mobile device screen resolution.

e. The color of Sakkho wooden products may vary from the time of purchase. Please read the Owner section and learn how the color of timber can change out in the elements. 

f. Drawings and schematics used to show where to place screws and nails are for reference purposes only as additional options for temporary or permanent installations and for placing fasteners on tiles are possible.

g. Decking and flooring featuring Sakkho tiles must be built in accordance with regulatory requirements.  Should the intended walking traffic requires it, the number of battens (or joists) for a decking project may be increased from the recommended three (3) joists to five (5) joists on which each tile will be supported. 


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