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Tiles Over Battens and Joists

Sakkho tiles can be fitted on a range of surfaces including joists placed on concrete and over a decking sub-floor.

All tiles installed on joists must have their center and all corners adequately supported which is one of our Three Rules for a safe installation. There is a requirement that all wooden slats making up the base of the tile must be firmly secured and each tile rests on minimum 3 joists or more.

To see pictures showing a decking installation, visit our Decking - Flooring page or click here.


1. Installing Joists
2. The Right Way and The Wrong Way
3. Joists Spacing Options
4. Pods and Aluminum Joists System
5. Images of Projects




1. Installing Joists

Standard industry installation methods should be used to install tiles on joists or supporting slats with the main difference being the number of joists used and the span between battens which must be narrower. Battens need to be closer together for each tile to be supported at the edges and particularly at their middle when used for walking purpose.


Sakkho Tile on Joists - Support Sakkho Tile on Joists - Minimum 3 Sakkho Tile on Joists - 45mm Joists

the middle

three joists

Joist 45 mm



Sakkho Tile Over Battens




2. The Right Way and The Wrong Way

When installing tiles on joists, it is not just enough to place a tile on the required minimum three joists; common sense and reasonable care must be used to install all tiles safely by ensuring all slats making up the base of your tiles are properly supported the right way. 


1. Tiles are not centered
2. All slats not supported
3. Corners weakly supported
4. Edges weakly supported
5. Tile centre not secured
1. Tiles perfectly centered
2. All base slats supported
3. All corners supported
4. All edges are supported
5. Tile center is secured






3. Joists Spacing Options

 When installing Sakkho tiles on joists, few options for spacing joists are possible provided that the minimum three joists per tile are correctly spaced allowing the center of the tile to be supported. For very heavy walking traffic, extra joists can be added as required.


Sakkho 3 Joists Spacing



Sakkho 5 Joists Spacing




5. Pods and Aluminum Joists System

A deck pods and aluminum joists system is the best alternative solution to the traditional wood joists when installing Sakkho tiles for decking use. The pod system is also more suitable for balconies, rooftop decks, and high-rise buildings.

The pod system used should always support each tile middle and edges.


Sakkho Tiles Pods and Aluminium Joist




 Sakkho Tiles Pods and Aluminium Joist



Sakkho Tiles Pods and Aluminium Joist




4. Images of Projects

The rule for using Sakkho tiles on joists requires that Sakkho tiles need to be placed on minimum three joists; however, tiles can also be installed on more than three joists provided that the center of the tile and all corners are adequately supported. 

Below are pictures of now completed projects showing Sakkho tiles installed on three joists for a residential decking and over joists on concrete for a front entry porch, and on five joists for an alley at a café restaurant.


Sakkho Over Three JoistsSakkho Over Three BattensSakkho Over Three BattensSakkho Over Five BattensSakkho Over Five BattensSakkho Tiles Over Joists On ConcreteSakkho Joists On ConcreteSakkho Tile Over Joists on ConcreteSakkho Joists Over ConcreteSakkho Battens On Concrete

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