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Fitting Lights

For amazing results, Sakkho® tiles can be fitted with all sorts of lights. Downlights, deck lights, step lights can be purchased in many different types and shapes, and installation will also vary according to the tile model used. Strict rules and regulations may apply when lights are installed within a support made out of timber; usually, low voltage LED lights are suitable.

Advice related to installation requirements must be requested from a local licensed electrician.


1. Cut and Drill to Fit Downlights




1. Cut and Drill to Fit Lights

Install your light within an area of the tile that will not affect the strength and integrity of the tile once the tile is cut. Each Sakkho tile model is different, therefore, in order to maintain the shape and structural strength of the tile, some models will require reinforcing once cut. Reinforcing can be done by fitting slats of any suitable timber to support the tile.


Sakkho Decking or Deck LightSakkho Wall SteplightSakkho Light 1Sakkho Light 2Sakkho Light 3Sakkho Light 4Sakkho Light 5Sakkho Light 6Sakkho Light 7Sakkho Light 8

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