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Modifying Tiles

Sakkho® tiles can also be modified in many ways. When necessary, modified tiles should be reinforced to ensure the tile structure remains solid; this can be achieved with extra slats of treated timber or other suitable material to be fitted on the tile base using screws, nails, timber glue or with a nail gun as required for the project. Modifications should always be made and tested by a qualified professional and meet regulatory requirements.


1. Cutting and Resizing Tiles
2. Examples of Common Modifications




1. Cutting and Resizing Tiles

Depending on the tile model used, Sakkho® tiles cut and resized for designing furniture such as narrow stools (or such other applications needing smaller tiles) may require reinforcing once cut to keep the structural strength of the tile solid.



Sakkho Tile Resized




2. General Modifications

Selected pictures below show common ways Sakkho tiles can be modified and used in projects. To see pictures of completed projects visit our Photos page or click here.


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