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Tiles on Walls and Other

Sakkho wooden tiles can be used as a lining, cladding, partition wall, wall feature, fence, timber facade or ceiling. 

Installation options are multiple and tiles can be installed on timber poles, on a timber frame or directly on existing walls. Any project should be assessed by a qualified installer. 


1. Lining and interior Wall Feature
2. External Partition Wall
3. Facade, Cladding




1. Interior Wall Feature and Lining

Sakkho tiles can be pre-drilled and installed on existing internal and external walls using conventional methods with steel screws to create unique projects. For more details about using fasteners visit the page Three Rules or click here.





2. External Partition Wall

Sakkho tiles look amazing as internal or external partition wall when installed on a frame of timber or metal studs secured to the floor and ceiling.





3. Facade, Cladding

Sakkho tiles can be installed on a facade or as cladding to create interesting visual themes.


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