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Limited Warranty

Sakkho tiles are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are inspected before leaving the factory; Sakkho products come with a product warranty. From time to time faulty products happen and Sakkho will assist customers who wish to return and exchange goods affected by a manufacturing defect.


1. Warranty
2. Warranty Remedies
3. Your Rights
4. What is Coverer Under Warranty
5. What is Not Covered Under Warranty
6. Change of Mind
7. Proof of Purchase
8. Refunds
9. Repairs
10. Commercial Quantities
11. Product Recall
12. Expired Warranty
13. Where to Get Help?
14. Return Material Authorization Form




1. Warranty

Sakkho warrants all of its new Sakkho Tiles sold via an Authorized dealer against defective workmanship and faulty materials from the date of delivery to the owner for the period of 12 months.




2. Warranty Remedies

Sakkho will undertake, as its option, to repair or replace, free of charge, each product or part thereof on the condition that:


•  The complete product is returned to Sakkho or one of its Authorized Service Agents or
•  freight pre-paid by you, and found on examination, to have a genuine manufacturing defect;
•  The product or part was not subjected to misuse, neglect, modification, alteration;
•  The product was purchased from an Authorized or Licensed Dealer and;
•  The product was imported into the country of purchase by authorized distributors.
•  The repairs are not required as part of normal weathering, wear, and tear.


As an alternative, provided that it is agreed with Sakkho, you can choose to keep the item and we will compensate you for a repair or provide you with an agreed compensation value.




3. Your Rights

Sakkho goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund from the retail supplier of the goods for a major failure and for compensation for any reasonable foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have goods repaired or replaced by the retail supplier of the goods if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.




4. What is Coverer Under Warranty

a. Laws give consumers a comprehensive set of rights and Consumer Guarantees for any goods or services purchased.


•  Goods must be of acceptable quality
•  Goods must match the description provided by Sakkho
•  Goods must match the description sample or demonstration model
•  Be fit for the purpose they were designed for
•  Be fit for all the purposes for which goods of that kind are commonly supplied
•  Goods must be acceptable in appearance and finish
•  Goods must be free from defects
•  Safe and durable
•  Come with clear title, unless otherwise stated
•  Repair services provided by Sakkho must be provided within a reasonable time
•  Services provided by Sakkho must be provided with due care and skill


b. Should your goods fail to be of an acceptable quality due to a major failure you are entitled to a repair, replacement or refund.  

A major failure is defined as:


•  The goods are significantly different from the description, sample or demonstration model shown to the customer;
•  The goods are substantially unfit for their normal purpose and cannot easily be made fit, within a reasonable time
•  The goods do not do what we said it would, or what you asked for and can’t be easily fixed
•  A reasonable customer would not have bought the goods had they known there was a fault/defect; or
•  The goods are unsafe.


If the failure is not major, you are also entitled to a repair or replacement within a reasonable time frame or a refund if a repair or replacement is not feasible.




5. What is Not Covered Under Warranty

Sakkho tiles are made out of natural timber; they are designed in various patterns and models and are highly versatile in their application, therefore, the warranty does not apply for:


5.1. The choice of tile model and pattern
5.2. Additional warranty provided by a Sakkho staff
5.3. A Sakkho staff personal advice provided in relation to the choice of a tile model
5.4. Choice of a tile base for the installation or project
5.5. Inherent irregularities in the wood grain
5.6. Variations in timber tints between wooden slats within one tile
5.7. Variations in timber tints between wooden items of the same lot
5.8. Minor asymmetries resulting from hand assembly
5.9. Variations and differences in timber quality and grade
5.10. Variation in the age of the timber used to manufacture tiles
5.11. Normal timber weathering
5.12. Normal oxidation to the timber and fasteners
5.13. Damages sustained to the wood due to the use of an inappropriate coating
5.14. Damages and consequences due to a failure to adequately acclimate the wood
5.15. Damages and consequences due to poor maintenance
5.16. Damages and consequences due to over-maintenance
5.17. Damages and consequences due to a wrong installation
5.18. Damages and consequences resulting from a slippery surface due to a wood finish
5.19. Damages and consequences due to tiles being poorly or wrongly supported on joists
5.20. Damages and consequences due to the use of inadequate fasteners
5.21. Failure to comply with user instructions or installation guides
5.22. Damages and consequences due to the presence of gaps within each tile
5.23. Any product specifically cut to size at your request
5.24. Any product specifically finished at your request
5.25. Custom made products
5.26. Merchantability of Sakkho Tiles is limited when used for walking purposes with thin high heels or thin legged chairs or tables, or other items such as ladders due to gaps making up each Sakkho tile creating the pattern




 6. Change of Mind

Most Sakkho tiles will be manufactured to order and we are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind.

Due to the nature of Sakkho Wooden tiles and the quality of the timber used, Sakkho does not generally allow change of mind once an order has been placed and a deposit or payment was received. A such all orders are deemed to be final.


a. Requests for refunds as a result of a change of mind are not accepted

b. Requests for exchanges as a result of a change of mind will be considered as per stock on hand and only when goods are unused in their original state and packaging and in saleable condition.




7. Proof of Purchase

A valid proof of purchase must be presented for a warranty claim.


a. With a receipt

Sakkho strongly advises you to make a copy of your receipt or tax invoice and keep it, and the original, in a safe place. Bank statements and credit card statements are also generally accepted providing the retail cost of the product and the place of purchase can be proven. In some circumstances, if you provided your name upon purchase, we might be able to trace the order within our system.


b. Without a receipt

We can provide an Exchange Voucher or an exchange for 'like' goods of the same value. All goods for exchange must be unused, in original packaging and in saleable condition. Exchange Vouchers are valid from the time of issue and are redeemable at any store. These vouchers are not redeemable for cash or Gift Cards.




8. Refunds

All refunds will be provided back in the original tender. Cheques and debit cards may be refunded as cash and credit card refunds must be processed back onto a credit card.




9. Repairs

If the problem is not major, we will repair the item within a reasonable time. If it is not repaired in a reasonable time, we will advise you and you may be able to choose a refund or replacement.


Sakkho cannot be held responsible for any repair other than those carried out by it or one of its Authorized Service Agents or officially pre-approved repairer.

When an Authorized Service Agent is not locally available, Sakkho may also at its sole discretion assist with the claim by redirecting you to a third party local repairer with pre-approved repair costs associated with the warranty claim.


Any product repaired under Sakkho warranty will not extend the original warranty period.




10. Commercial Quantities

Commercial quantities are generally not returnable.




11. Product Recall

Go to the Safety Notice and Product Recalls page or click here.




12. Expired Warranty

If your product does not have a manufacturer's warranty or your warranty has expired, you may still be entitled to a remedy. Please contact the manufacturer's or return to your local store for further assistance and advice.




13. Where to Get Help?

If you think that you are entitled to any of the above remedies in relation to a Sakkho product and you want to initiate a support request, you should contact the retail supplier of the goods in the first instance (this will be Sakkho if you purchased your Sakkho product directly from Sakkho or the Sakkho website). Alternatively, you may also contact Sakkho as the manufacturer of the goods; visit the Contact page or click here.




14. Return Material Authorization Form

If you were issued with an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number, you can download, complete and return your goods with a copy of the form.

Sakkho Return Form

RMA Form

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